Margot Robbie | by Miguel Reveriego for Vanity Fair

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@taylorswift: Family portrait.

So, you’re just giving up? On the pink?
Bitch, please. I haven’t even started yet.

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Lauren Cohan photographed by Simon Perry



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Orphan Black 2x01: a summary

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The director, Tom Hooper said ‘Eddie have you ever been on a horse?’ I said ‘Yes.’ […] It was then that I realised a big part of the cliche of actors lying in auditions is that you should probably try to do the thing you said you can do before filming starts. Anyway, I nearly killed people as the horse galloped off at a hundred miles an hour after I gave it the slightest nudge. Tom came out with his megaphone and shouted, ‘You’re a fucking liar, Redmayne!’

-Eddie Redmayne.

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